Microwave Communication & Antenna

The centre undertakes projects on turnkey basis to design develop and deliver Antennas,  some of the Antennas developed are as follows;

  • Microstrip Patch Antenna
  • Helical Antenna
  • Log Periodic Dipole Array (Linear and Dual polarised)
  • Yagi - Uda Antenna
  • Cellular Base Station Antenna
  • Grid Parabola Reflector Antenna
  • Waveguide slotted array antenna


Apart from turnkey projects the centre does R&D and develops new Antennas Some of the antennas developed at the centre are;

  • Circularly polarised Cylindrical parabola antenna for Telemetry
  • Elliptical - Parabolic Reflector Antenna
  • Sleeve monopole
  • Low band adapters

Antenna Measurement

   Antenna far-field range

The Centre has an out door far-field antenna test range. Two elevated towers which support the transmit antenna and the Antenna Under Test (AUT) are separated by about 150 meters. The AUT can be rotated 360° in azimuth. Far-field characteristics such as radiation pattern, polarization, gain, front to back ratio and axial ratio can be measured in this test range

   Characterisation of passive components

The centre is equipped with the most sophisticated Hewlett - Packard Network analyser to carry out the measurements like insertion loss, VSWR measurements, characterisation of co-axial assemblies in the microwave frequencies (45 MHz - 26.5 GHz).

The centre routinely offers these services to government and private sectors.