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The demand for miniaturization and small form factor in electronics products have increased heat flux in electronics components. Reliability of the electronic products depends on Chip temperature. The cooling of electronic systems is one of the focal points in the design process and key to a successful product launch. If the components are not cooled adequately enough, it will lead to higher component temperature, inducing multiple failure mechanisms such as thermo mechanical stress, causing early product failure. Efficient thermal management techniques are often essential to achieve reliable and cost effective designs.

SAMEER, Chennai is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to evaluate thermal performance of electronic products. This centre has been providing thermal design consultancy and testing services at module level to the shelter level and has gained expertise through regular interaction with international experts. SAMEER have provided thermal management solutions at the following hierarchically coupled levels:

  1. Application level thermal management at the chip, board, and electronics module
  2. System level thermal management of the bays, Racks, vehicle platform etc, including heat rejection to the ultimate heat sink
Electronics packaging division is also actively involved in the development of Novel heat transfer technologies and publishes the results in national and international conferences and referred journals. The following is the list of product whose thermal design consultancy was executed by SAMEER

Thermal Simulation of Spacecraft and its sub systems

SAMEER is actively get involved into the thermal simulation of satellites and its sub systems. Satellite faces extreme temperature conditions during its various mission phases and thermal design ensures that electronics packages are maintained within their specification temperature.

Module level thermal simulation is done to predict the case temperature of electronics components and thermal path is optimised to maintain the case temperature of components within their specification limit..

Thermal simulation and optimisation for Strategic Electronics

Of the shelf commercial electronics components are being used for strategic application to minimise the cost of electronics systems. These components need to be maintained below 85oC when the systems are subject to extreme temperature conditions. SAMEER provides thermal design solutions to maintain the component temperature within its specification limit.

Thermal Design of Communication Rack

Case temperature of critical electronics components in high density communication rack increases due to heat generated by the devices. Temperature of the components depends on the volume of air flow over the board. Array of fans is used to cool the electronics components. Volumetric air flow delivered by the fan depends on system impedance (pressure loss across the vent). SAMEER assist industries to choose appropriate fan and vent for their application. Provides guidelines about the pressure drop characteristics vent pattern to minimise the pressure drop and to minimise the mechanical noise level of the fan. Using Fan failure analysis, SAMEER suggests the lead time to replace the fans.

Thermal Design of IoT Product

Electronics systems used for IoT are vulnerable to heat. Reliability of the system depends on the case temperature of electronics components. IoT products are coming with low form factor. Most of the IoT products are either natural cooled or fan cooled. SAMEER provides design guidelines for the packaging of IoT products within small farm factor enclosures and provide cooling solutions to maintain their component temperature.

Thermal Design consultancy for Power Electronics systems

Over the last decade, there is a remarkable progress in power semiconductor technology in monolithic and hybrid designs. High power in low real estate is the driving forces towards a power system design.
SAMEER provides consultancy services to the power electronics industries to thermal qualify their product to meet the international standards.

Thermal Design consultancy for Commercial Systems

Thermal design of commercial electronics systems such as power adaptor, point of sale system etc is essential to ensure their reliability. It is very important to maintain the component temperature within their specification temperature. Dust plays a major role in blocking the air flow through the system. SAMEER provides guidelines for the selection of vents in consideration of duct deposition and pressure drop across the vent.

Thermal Testing and Evaluation services

Electronics Packaging division caters to the industrial need of thermal performance evaluation & validation of electronics systems and is equipped with state-of-the-art Airflow simulation chamber, Infrared thermal Imaging system for non-contact temperature measurements and thermocouple based Instrumentation for contact temperature measurements. Flow measurement is made as per International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 5167 “Measurement of airflow in closed conduit”. SAMEER-CEM, Chennai stands as a unique open resource for Industry and R & D organizations providing specialized service for thermal design consultancy from component level to system level.